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Web Applications

Design & Development Process

Your Web Strategy

Why do you need a website?

  • Objectives of the website.
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Intranet, extranet or Internet?

What do you need in your website?

  • Standard features list
  • Custom features - your business intelligence
  • Overall integration of workflow: visual representation of website

Website Design


Theming & Graphics

Application Development

Content management

Business application development

System Testing

Module testing

Security, usability & functionality testing

  • Test case development
  • Test case execution & automation


Remote server preparation

  • Software and database installation
  • Remote regression testing

Data migration

  • Databases, documents, images, photographs etc.

Going live!

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Calculate your Amazon AWS Hosting Costs using Excel

One of the most common questions that come up whenever we recommend Amazon AWS as a hosting...

Content Management

Content Management Systems

There's an old internet saying: Content is king! In the first decade of the 21st century, blogging became a mainstream phenomenon. Free open-source software such as Wordpress and Joomla...

Drupal: Content Management Framework

Drupal started out as a simple Content Management System (CMS) in 2001. Back then, it was an easy way to regularly update content on your website. But Drupal, over the years, has evolved...

Framework Integration

Our thorough knowledge of integrating CMSs such as Drupal, with application frameworks like CakePHP, can help you take the risk out of choosing and implementing a CMS solution for your...

Data Migration

Content Management Systems structure their data in their own database schema. When a CMS is installed, it creates database tables for configuration and data storage. When you decide to...


Shopping Carts

The Internet is full of them: websites that directly sell to consumers. B2C or Business To Consumer on the Internet was spearheaded in the mid-90's by Amazon and Dell when they sold books...

Geo-Locational Pricing

Certain companies prefer to price their products according to their customers location. For example, a product could have one price in US Dollars for North American customers, and an...


Application Servers

Application server software is built for many purposes, but they all have a common goal: to ensure that they can handle the processing and delivery of a large number of incoming requests,...

Custom Development

Intranet Systems

Company-wide Intranets serve, above all, one very useful purpose: get the right information to the right person within the organization, at any time and at a very low cost. A well-designed...

Custom PHP Development

Webrelational Media LLP., builds highly customized web software. Our team has developed reliable solutions for customers in North America, Europe and India. Our Test-Driven Development...


Security Testing

Vulnerabilities in websites are collectively one of the biggest concerns in the web development industry. Critical user and financial data can be compromised for many thousands or even...

System Testing

Our test team works independently to create use cases to test the whole system. Use cases are created for every requirement that's being developed. Use cases are run regularly to ensure...

Functionality Testing

In our projects, functionality testing is associated with individual modules or a set of functions or procedures within that module, its execution according to specification, and seamless...

User Experience


AJAX became mainstream in 2005-06 and a whole lot of Internet users had their first experience with Google's Gmail service that used AJAX from its very early days. The tenet was simple...

If you're convinced...

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