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Data Migration

What can be migrated?

We can migrate the following forms of electronic data into new CMS databases:

  • Spreadsheets
  • CSV text files
  • Databases with restructuring applied to suit the new schema.

We do not migrate non-electronic data such as printed or scanned material, or do "data entry" of any kind.

Content Management Systems structure their data in their own database schema. When a CMS is installed, it creates database tables for configuration and data storage. When you decide to redesign your website, if the underlying CMS needs to change depending on your requirements, the old data must be transferred into the new structure before the redesigned website becomes active.

When you choose to go with WebrMedia, we also include data migration services from your legacy database systems to the new database schema that we create for your new website.

Large databases may take a couple of weeks to a few months to transfer into the new system, depending on the complexity of the data involved. Ensuring that data is transferred correctly, and no information is lost along the way is vital to any business.

We understand the importance of your data. That's why we have systematic migration and validation processes to ensure that your data is safely transferred.

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