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The Internet is full of them: websites that directly sell to consumers. B2C or Business To Consumer on the Internet was spearheaded in the mid-90's by Amazon and Dell when they sold books & computers directly to buyers who logged into their website. Now, there are tens of thousands of websites that target consumers directly.

A shopping cartThe single biggest advantage of selling directly to consumers is to reduce on distribution costs. Postal and courier services provide a very good delivery system for sellers taking orders on their websites. Inventory does not have to be stocked at distribution locations and a single automated point-of-sale system is not only manageable, but also provides lots of data, that, when properly mined, will result in useful information that can be applied to future business decisions.

High level of security during transactions ensures that the sensitive information is safeguarded. Independent certifying agencies handle vendor authentication when users make secure requests, boosting confidence of Internet users in websites that use this service.

The shopping cart has become the ubiquitous symbol of this revolution.

We have executed projects in the past that required a shopping cart to be installed. We have integrated ready-made shopping cart modules like Ubercart in Drupal, as well as written completely customized shopping carts integrated with geolocational price targeting. You as a vendor can safely ask any consumer who calls to make a purchase, to go directly to your website and complete the order from there. Your time will be better spent elsewhere as the customer is expertly guided by the shopping cart system we develop for your website.

Virtualize your business processes!

Here's music to your ears: Our thorough knowledge of integrating CMSs such as Drupal, with application frameworks like CakePHP, can help you take the risk out of choosing and implementing a CMS solution for your website.