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Functionality Testing

Our Process

  • Test engineers are present at all our requirements discussions.
  • Testing team independently charts out test cases based on these discussions.
  • These cases are discussed with the requirements team and the developers.
  • The shortlisted test cases are written.
  • On every new release candidate, all developed test cases are executed.
  • Test cases are written throughout the project development cycle and are maintained through the life of the software.

In our projects, functionality testing is associated with individual modules or a set of functions or procedures within that module, its execution according to specification, and seamless interaction/integration of code components in one module with other modules.

We do functional testing over and above general unit testing of software modules that make up the system. While the developer has his or her own set of quick unit tests to execute for making sure that the piece of code developed meets the requirement, our functional test engineers perform this task independently. Additionally, our test team makes sure that the interaction/integration of the modules with each other is also working properly, and that the whole system is functioning as per requirements.

Formalizing the test procedure, in conjunction with the development team, to ensure that all modules are behaving the way they should and that the system itself is behaving correctly is the task of the testing team that's doing the functionality testing.

A major component of our functionality testing is white box unit-testing because the test team knows how the software is being implemented and they need to ensure that every piece of code written has some sort of testing coverage. Additional tests written for module integration assumes a gray-box testing where test engineers may have some knowledge of the inter-operating software components but do not have insight about their communication/data exchange or behavior with other software components or modules. This is different from black box testing where the test team do not know about the code internals of the system and this team's sole aim is to break the system! Read more about it in system testing.

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