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System Testing

Our test team works independently to create use cases to test the whole system. Use cases are created for every requirement that's being developed. Use cases are run regularly to ensure that no intermediary code changes cause the system to break. We call these tests as check-in tests as they are run before code is committed to the repository. Use cases are also run every time a new release is made from the repository. These test cases are called regression tests.

Usability Testing

What do we measure?

Usability testing measures how well test subjects respond in:

  • Efficiency: How quickly with the least number of steps can a task be completed.
  • Accuracy: How many mistakes were made to execute a task.
  • Recall: When features aren't used regularly, how much does a user remember after going through the task once.
  • Emotional response: Was the task easy or difficult to execute? Can this task be recommended to another colleague with ease.

This is a technique to evaluate the system by testing it on users. It gives us direct input on how real users interact with the system. Our test team will also work with a sampling of users as recommended by the client. Not only does this help ensure that we get the right feedback from the users who will be using it day-to-day but also use this engagement to train the same people in how to use the system.

User click heat maps

During usability testing, we pre-install a heat mapping software as part of the system, to track user clicks. At the end of the usability testing cycle, the click heat map will show areas of the website that users clicked most in.

Because there is a direct correlation between the user's eye and the area clicked, the heat map shows us which areas the user found information to be most relevant. Such click heat maps can also provide insight into where you should advertise most.

Security Testing

We take security very seriously. Read more about our security testing processes.

Performance Testing

Although performance testing becomes a useful tool when the website has grown considerably, we do not leave out testing the performance of the system to ensure that its scalable enough for the current number of people using it, as well as making sure that the software is capable of reasonable growth.

However, there are instances when websites are slashdotted or experience a digg-type effect, which suddenly results in increased traffic due to the large number of people visiting to see why it was slash-dotted or digg'd. Systems should be able to cope with this increased traffic.

We simulate this by using automated software that tests the capabilities of the server when millions of "users" are hitting it constantly.


Both usability and performance testing are known as black box testing. The whole system is tested as one "unknown" entity. The other form of testing is known as white box testing. This involves testing each individual module. See more about our white box testing techniques in functionality testing.

Testing is fundamental in making sure that the system works like it should when the website is launched. At WebrMedia, we place a high emphasis on our test team, their techniques and expertise that they bring to the table, which ultimately benefits the customer in owning and operating a world class website.

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