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Callsheet Management, simplified!

We're proud to release Simple Callsheet Manager into the public sphere as freeware! It's a nice little online collaboration tool which can be used by sales teams in different locations (or in the same location, if you want). You could also probably use it as a rudimentary CRM system while you're trying to bootstrap your start-up. I know we do! ;)

If your sales or marketing teams are usually grouped into small teams, this nifty little app we coded over a weekend might just save you a lot of money! It enables small teams to manage their callsheets online, which could be in the form of phone conversations, emails or meetings. The sales executive takes down notes and sets a "follow up" date.

Each sales executive gets their own worksheet which is automatically populated with reminders regarding follow ups and other due dates. Every user can track the progress of their worksheet events and goals by using a simple 0-100% scale.

Executives can be grouped into teams which work on callsheet threads collaboratively. Teams can view other teams' worksheets to gain an insight into what the overall progress of a campaign is, and the best way to approach a follow up call with a client.

Please download and use it for free* and give us your feedback to help improve the software. If you'd like us to setup this application for you on your server, or host it for a small fee, get in touch with us and we'd be glad to help.

* Free as in "free beer". No strings attached :)


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