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Freelance Partners

We're always on the lookout for good partners to add to our network. When we work with freelancers, we expect them to be highly professional and have a strong background in one or more areas of specialization that we're looking for. Timely execution of work; being involved throughout the project by attending meetings or teleconferences; adopting a transparent work process; and delivering a high quality product are extremely important to us.

We're looking for experts...

Senior Copywriter

There are key pages to any new website that must be written well to project the image of the website as required by our clients. These include company pages, about pages, team pages, products and services definition pages. The senior copywriter must be able to do a thorough subject/background research using multiple sources (not just the Internet!) and come up with excellent articles for our client's website.

To be considered for this position we really do not want to see your résumé! Instead, we'd like to read what you've written! Send us a few of your articles. If you write for a blog (or three), send us your links. Tell us why you enjoy writing and what your favorite subjects are.

If you think we'd like your work, drop us a line at jobs@webrmedia.com.

Aspiring PHP Gurus (2-3 years experience)

  • Strong MVC & PHP framework fundamentals (CakePHP, Symfony, CodeIgniter etc.)
  • Exceptional database knowledge and experience.
  • Extensive CMS experience (Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla etc.)

Must be able to pull an SQL string out of their... hat. ;) Must know how to use CVS/SVN! C/C++ experience or a good sense of humor -- a very big plus! XD

If you think you've got the skills, get in touch: jobs@webrmedia.com.

If you're convinced...

...about the possibilities the web offers, get in touch with us. We're here to jump-start your new web presence, or to take your current website to the next level, integrating it seamlessly with your business. The possibilities are limitless!