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Akshay is a founding partner at WebrMedia. He began freelancing as a web developer during college, building websites and intranet systems for local companies. He specializes in relational databases, PHP frameworks and their integration with various content management systems.

His main responsibility is application design, development and testing. Akshay gets involved at every stage of a project: starting from requirements gathering and design to final deployment and maintenance.

He is also passionate about playing the guitar and listening to progressive music.

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Dhwanit started web design as a university student, offering his services to companies in and around Pune. As a designated partner at WebrMedia, he is primarily responsible for the creative design & coding of the User Interface. With a strong background in C/C++ and PHP, he also engages in custom module and component development.

Previously, he worked for Wintegra Inc., in the US and Israel. In 2008, he played a key role in setting up Wintegra's off-shore development center in Bangalore. After running the operation for over a year, he transitioned out to become an entrepreneur.

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Ankur has been an expert in all matters testing, and is our Pune based weekend warrior. The experience and knowledge he gained during development of an automated testing tool for real-time communications equipment, is now being applied towards in-house development of testing tools.

His job is to diligently try and break the website, while the developers are busy coding it! Should any of his test cases succeed in breaking the system, he bears down on the developers relentlessly to fix the problem.

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Partners & Associates

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Amrit is a fantastic developer with a great understanding of technology. He has the ability to take out-of-the-box designs and convert them into dynamic web applications. His commitment to outstanding quality work is why we work with him extensively.

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If we ever get "stuck" in our design thought process, Naresh is the first one we call. His design expertise lets him take an idea and convert it into a work of art you can fall in love with. He runs his own design studio called .

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Copywriter and Search Engine Optimizer extraordinaire. Takes your website and puts it where it belongs -- on the first page of Google. Give him a list of keywords and he'll churn out high quality, 100% original content faster than the engines can crawl them.

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With a vision to design and produce beyond the standards of the world, Kritnu IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has a passion for emergent technologies. Kritnu specliaizes in simplifying operations for new and existing businesses.

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Our resident Flash & 3D Studio Max guru, Ashwin is an entrepreneur in his own right. He heads Shara Digital - a company which focuses on Computer Based Training (CBT) packages for students. We collaborate with him regularly and his work continues to amaze us.

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Prasad & Ravi

Extreme design & beautiful graphics - that's what the folks at Graphicurry do best. Prasad performs the Photoshop-magic and Ravi quickly converts the designs into standards based HTML/CSS. They're a great team, and it's a pleasure working with them.

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To say he has the gift of gab would be an understatement. Ganesh handles all manners of copywriting tasks with ease. His ability to discern the meanings of words and provide subtle variations helps write copy that sells.

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Sahit is finishing up his MBA in marketing. He provides copywriting services for marketing material, case studies, whitepapers and technical articles. His skills and strong work ethic makes customers keep coming back for more.

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Diwakar heads ri2 design studio. a start-up focusing on creating designs that work and make you money. With a strong focus on print media and brand identity, ri2 delivers designs that are cost-effective and universally appealing.

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Jeevith & Gururaj

Online marketing experts at Xpress Ad Media, Jeevith & Guru provide valuable lead generation and affiliate marketing services. They provide consultancy to WebrMedia and help our customers drive targeted traffic.


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We're always on the lookout for good partners to add to our network. When we work with freelancers, we expect them to be highly professional and have a strong background in one or more areas of specialization that we're looking for. Timely execution of work; being involved throughout the project by attending meetings or teleconferences; adopting a transparent work process; and delivering a high quality product are extremely important to us.

Take a look at our jobs page to see what we have on offer.

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