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Corporate Design


A strongly identifiable logo and an elegant business card that speaks volumes about the organization are two very important aspects of a corporate entity. Our design experts provide logo design and corporate stationery design services.

A strongly identifiable logo and an elegant business card that speaks volumes about the organization are two very important aspects of a corporate entity.

At WebrMedia, our design experts also provide logo design and business card design services. Our service is very flexible. We can either work only on the logo, or just the business card or the entire corporate stationery, including envelopes and letterheads. It can be combined with web services or be billed separately.

Logo design

  • We first have to understand about your business, partners, customer base, products and services line to define a suitable design concept for the logo.
  • The design concept is shared with you and detailed inputs are collected. It can range from "I love this awesome logo," to "I don't like it one bit." We continue to refine this design concept until you are happy with it... an unlimited number of iterations! We want you to be absolutely sure about the logo.
  • The chosen design concept is transcribed through different software to produce vector as well as raster versions of the logo. Colors are chosen as per your wishes during this stage. Remember, we will keep sharing our work with you.
  • Logos are print tested in both color and black & white to ensure that its visibility and stature isn't compromised in any way. If we feel some changes may be necessary, we will take all the effort to ensure you're convinced about our suggestions.
  • The final vector and raster versions are delivered electronically to you.
  • We keep backups of your logo for you, so even if you lose your originals, you could always request duplicates from us.

Business card design

  • The business card and associated office stationery should be designed only after a good logo has been created.
  • When you approach us for your office stationery design work, we first have to understand about your business, ethics and the message you want to send to those you're sharing your business card or letterhead with.
  • Based on your feedback, we will create a few design concepts. Design elements from each of these concepts may be combined or removed based on your liking. We can go through as many iterations as you need until you're completely satisfied with the design concept you have chosen.
  • Once the design concept is chosen, we will work in the various elements of your organization into a vector graphic.
  • We will provide large vector format images that can be scaled up or down and printed out as per the size desired.
  • To ensure that your corporate look is uniform, we recommend getting all three communication mediums of your organization designed from the same company: business card, letterhead and envelope.

We're a company of experts!

Not only do we work on the design front, ensuring a great visual appeal for your visitors, we back it up by awesome software running behind the scenes virtualizing your business intelligence. We will work to give you the best!