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Our services include photography and photo editing. In most web development projects, we get the raw versions of the photographs from the client and we edit it in our studio, making sure that it integrates well with the look and feel of the website. If the photo shoot location is in our vicinity or if the fee has been included into website development costs, we also offer photography services.

We prefer to work with raw files where possible. We work with both Canon (file extension .crw .cr2) or Nikon (file extension .nef). We can also work with large TIFF or Targa files (file extension .tif .tga). However, we would not recommend working with JPEG files (file extension .jpg .jpeg) unless absolutely necessary.

We employ the best digital darkroom techniques to ensure that your photograph stands out beautifully. A selected few photographs are showcased here. Click the thumbnails on the right to see larger versions.

Ask for our photography services when you get in touch with us!

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