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Drupal Theming


Theming a Content Management System (CMS) is to ensure that output being displayed in the browser is based on a uniform set of styles. Since a CMS allows content to be displayed in a many ways, theming doesn't necessarily only imply that just the display styles are being changed. Theming also means taking the raw output generated by the CMS engine and assembling it in a way that makes sense to the user.

We mainly work with Drupal as our CMS of choice. Our own website is running on Drupal.

We use all the powerful back-end, server side capabilities that Drupal offers and style the user interface to the website to make it look exactly like the visual prototype that a client approves.

Changes to your user interface should not mean a change to your data.

In the image alongside, the page is rendered using the default Drupal theme. Click on "Toggle" to see the same content (text) but appear very differently in the browser. You will need Javascript to be enabled in your browser for this to work.

Content comes from the database. The visual representation comes from theme files. This way, your data and user interface are kept separate. Tomorrow, when you want to further enrich your websites user experience, you could completely re-design the user interface and still have it work with your existing data.

We're a company of experts!

Not only do we work on the design front, ensuring a great visual appeal for your visitors, we back it up by awesome software running behind the scenes virtualizing your business intelligence. We will work to give you the best!