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Prototype to XHTML + CSS

Prototype to XHTML/CSS conversionThis is the intermediate step between visual prototyping and theming of the website.

For the browser to correctly output the website in the way it's shown in the visual prototype, we need to write it in a language that the browser understands. This is a combination of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascaded Style Sheets).

When we write the browser code, we ensure that it is standards compliant. W3C (World-Wide-Web Consortium) is in-charge of defining these standards. The layout of the website is transcribed into W3C compliant XHTML and the individual components styles are added to the accompanying CSS file.

The output of this stage is generally two files per layout: page.html and style.css that work together with the various multimedia components (images, video, sound etc) and display your website in a browser window.

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