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Graphics & Sprites

The visual appeal of a website is greatly affected by the graphics elements that are displayed when they are requested by the user. There can be websites that rely wholly on text and typography, others may rely only on images to enhance user experience. Some may have large photographs or collages as a background, others may showcase animation or videos. Our graphics division ensures that whatever graphic components are created for your website are content-aware imagery and 100% original productions.

Use of CSS Sprites

One of the clever optimization techniques to reduce the number of server requests when loading a web page is to reduce the number of individual images present in the page.

For example, if a web page contains four different images, or icons, then the browser has to make four additional requests to the server to retrieve all the components necessary to render the web page correctly. Thus, a total of five transactions have already occurred between the browser and server. The first to retrieve the HTML, then four more for the graphics components. Most of this time is spent in low-level connection establishment and closure, unnecessarily increasing the time a user has to wait for the whole page to load.

Instead, if all these images and icons are packaged into a single image file then the browser has to make only one additional request after it retrieves the web page to render it completely. Thus, our original five transactions from the above example has been reduced to just two, speeding up page loading time for a pleasing user experience.

We use CSS sprites on all projects we take up. We will ensure that your website's users have a pleasant (and fast) experience when they visit. An additional unstated bonus when you work with us!

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