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jQuery UI

jQuery is a Javascript framework that enables websites to have beautiful, easy-to-use front-end interactivity widgets for its users.

Web applicatons leverage the back-end, or server-side software for most of its interactivity. The server-side software receives data from the user; work with it and then produce specific output based on this processing, which is sent back to the browser. Since the browser receives this in HTML and CSS, languages it understands; it renders it as a web page for the user.

However, modern web applications are making a lot more front-end interactivity features available for their users, where quite a bit of processing goes on in the browser itself.

Gmail is a good example. (Although it does not use jQuery UI, AJAX is used extensively)

During the login process, Gmail loads the latest email of all your conversation threads to will be displayed once the inbox loads. Thus, even if you've had an Internet outage, Gmail will continue to work as long as you're reading the latest emails of your conversation threads.

Gmail dynamically loads older emails from conversation threads only when they're requested by the user.

All this magically comes together with the clever use of Javascript built into the front-end.

Where can jQuery UI be used?

jQuery UI typically will be used where the page layout rarely changes but frequent action from the user necessitates large data transfers across the Internet. jQuery widgets can also be used to package the data to be sent to the browser in a more user-friendly way. jQuery UI can also be used on showcasing portfolios where the data is pre-loaded but the user interaction is handled by the browser. Finally, jQuery UI can be used to replace rich widgets (such as date pickers, or color selectors) which we have grown so accustomed to in desktop applications.



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