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Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates

Amazon.com offers one of the world's largest and most successful affiliate networks. By placing links to products on Amazon on relevant pages, website owners can earn an affiliate commission on every product which they sell. Amazon is the most trusted e-retailer online. Most web sufers have visited Amazon atleast once.

A variety of banners, widgets and text links are offered by Amazon to their affiliates. You can even create your own virtual online store and let Amazon handle all the billing and logistics after you have made the sale. If someone buys through your link, you can earn upto 15% of the total value of the sale.

Selling on Amazon

If you are a writer or a team of professionals, you can't do better than Amazon for selling your books. By leveraging Createspace.com (an Amazon subsidiary), you can have your publications reviewed and edited for print. If you're approved, your product will be available worldwide through Amazon.com. The best part is that they market your products for you.

Amazon provides reports containing comprehensive data about the activity of your links, sales, traffic, revenue, earning and conversion rates. We can help you determine how to best use Amazon's services for your own business.

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