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Clickbank is an excellent platform for selling digitally delivered products (ebooks, multimedia etc.) over the web. With Clickbank, you can accept credit cards over the Internet with no monthly fee. Clickbank also allows sellers to automatically pay sales commissions to their affiliates. Clickbank bills the customer, pays the seller and pays the affiliate.

The best way to use Clickbank to your advantage to make sales is to create a sales page on your website. The sales page is where you will convince your customers to buy your product. Customers will make purchases through your sales page via your sales link, which will be linked back to your account. Clickbank will direct your customers to your ‘thank you’ page after they have completed their purchase. The customer will only make it to this page if their credit card information was valid.


Another way to leverage Clickbank is to sell other peoples products. Pick a niche, and promote relevant Clickbank products on your website. As an affiliate, you will receive a unique tracking code which is used to identify clicks from your website.

Clickbank is a trusted intermediary. They keep complete control over security and quality in each and every transaction conducted through their system. Clickbank uses sophisticated fraud control security systems so you never have to worry about fraud or being misrepresented by an affiliate. Commission is only paid to affiliates when a customer makes a purchase, so you’re not paying for advertising that may not work.

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