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Commission Junction

CommissionJunction.com is one of the most sophisticated affiliate networks on the web. Unlike pay-per-click networks, affiliate networks rarely, pay only upon an actual purchase or action. Website owners make a percentage of the profits from every sale that originated with a click on one of their websites.

Some affiliates pay for linking people that complete a certain action, such as filling out a form, completing a survey, or signing up for a newsletter.

CJ has a large selection of merchants to choose from. You can choose which products you want to promote depending on your targeted niche. Most offer hop-links, text ads, and banner ads.

Learning how to use an affiliate program effectively can be a daunting task for many businesses. We can help your business develop a successful affiliate strategy.


Virtualize your business processes!

Here's music to your ears: Our thorough knowledge of integrating CMSs such as Drupal, with application frameworks like CakePHP, can help you take the risk out of choosing and implementing a CMS solution for your website.