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Pay-per-click Advertising


You have the ability to reach your target market instantly!

It takes under 10 minutes to set up an ad campaign in Google Adwords. And immediately after your ad is ready, you can start displaying it all all across the web.

Pay-per-click advertising operates on two simple premises:

  • You pay only for visitors that come to your site (no upfront costs - every "click" while being an expense is also a chance for you to convert that visitor into a customer). You pay a certain amount "per click" on your ad. If nobody clicks on your ad, you don't pay anything. The goal is to get many targeted visitors, while paying as little as possible per click.
  • Your ads are displayed in the search engines according to what people are searching for (i.e. if someone search for "weight loss" and you're bidding on the term "weight loss", your ad will be displayed when someone searches for that phrase).

The biggest advantage of PPC advertising is that you can test new business ideas quickly and cheaply by running an ad campaign for a few hours and monitoring its results.

But pay-per-click advertising is fraught with challenges, and it is possible to easily waste your advertising budget on clicks which don't convert. We can take the headache out of the entire process of managing a PPC campaign: setting it up, keyword research, landing page optimization, visitor/conversion tracking and more.


Make the web work for you!

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