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Continuous Content

The number of quality incoming links to your website is a metric used by search engines to rank your website. But, search engines are less likely to rank your site highly unless fresh, original, relevant content is continually updated.

Continuous content tells search engines that your website is more likely to be up-to-date, and therefore more relevant in your industry segment compared with your competitors.

Regular content will encourage natural, organic linking. Whenever you add great quality content to your site, it's more likely that people will choose to link to it because they find it to be a valuable resource.

There are several steps to consider to maximize the potential from your content strategy: choosing your keywords carefully, making sure the content is unique, but above all, writing content that is useful and valuable to the reader.

Write for people, not for search engines!

Search engine algorithms change all the time, but what they will always want is quality content. It is ultimately the people you want to read your article and take action to click through to your site.


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