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Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keywords are what people type into search engines to find your products or services. Determining which keyword phrases are most suited to your business is called keyword research.

For a moment, think about how you use search engines. Most people don't just search once and then pick out a website from the first set of results. They are more likely to perform initial searches using a few words and then try to narrow down the results by adding one or two more keywords until they finally find what they're searching for.

These repeat searchs are often determined by the initial search results. Most internet users are aware that the more precise the search terms are, the more likely they are to find the exact resources they're looking for.

Selecting keyword phrases

As search engines have evolved, they have changed the way pages are ranked. In order to implement an effective keyword phrase strategy, you should target long-tail keyword phrases according to the relevance and the structure of your website.

Conversion rates are measured by calculating the number of visitors to your website divided by those that perform the defined call-to-action on your page.

There are various black-hat methods (gateway pages, keyword stuffing etc) which might result in short-term benefits. We recommend against using such methods. Picking the right strategy and tools might be just as important as picking your friends: pick the wrong one, and it might take a long time to recover.


Virtualize your business processes!

Here's music to your ears: Our thorough knowledge of integrating CMSs such as Drupal, with application frameworks like CakePHP, can help you take the risk out of choosing and implementing a CMS solution for your website.