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Visitor Analytics

Google Analytics administrative interfaceThe Web has become central to every aspect of our existence. Every time someone browses the web, they leave behind them a trail of information. The science and art of capturing this information and using it to transform your business is called web analytics.

Current web technologies allow access to multiple data sources. We have access to an abundance of free tools that we can use to track our visitors. Website owners are informed by this data and it affects the decisions designers make ranging from what content should go on which page, to how to purchase the right set of keywords for our search marketing campaigns, to how to find the audience with the perfect demographic and psychographic profile for our business.

For a long time, companies spent money on their websites simply because it was the thing to do. But in the last few years, the Web has really evolved as a channel for most companies. With the entry of Google Analytics (and now Microsoft), the market has exploded because anyone who wants to have access to data from their website can have it for free, and from a sophisticated tool to boot.

We can help you understand what your success metrics are and how to do web analytics effectively. Once your business has experienced the power of measuring conversions, revenue, customer satisfaction, visitor loyalty, and more, you will wonder how you managed without it.

Virtualize your business processes!

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