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Social bookmarking is a method for users to organize, manage and share their bookmarks with other users. Many social bookmarking services allow users to rate and comment on the bookmarks.

Maintaining your own browser-based Favorites/Bookmarks list, as such, does not benefit your friends or colleagues. All the value that you have created by compiling references and resources is simply inaccessible to everyone else. Likewise, the efforts of others who have similarly created local Bookmark lists is off limits to you. How much better would it be if you pooled resources?

Social Bookmarking solves this problem by utilizing the power of the collective in finding more sites like the ones you have bookmarked. A well-bookmarked site is also an indication of the relative worth of each specific site based on how others have tagged or shared that same site.


Users of social bookmark services "tag" their favorite websites and add them to their personal, remotely stored bookmark list. StumbleUpon takes tagging and bookmarking one step further: StumbleUpon combines a recommendation system with its website index.

Find a site you have an opinion about ("like it, don’t like it") and you rate it. People whose interests match yours then benefit from your recommendations when they look at similar sites. For example, if you visit a site about an art exhibit and "like it," your friends who are into art will see that you liked this site the next time they look at art sites through StumbleUpon.

Leveraging this "network effect" lies at the heart of using Social Bookmarking as a marketing tool. Get in touch with us and we'll help you strategize and execute a successful Social Media campaign.

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