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Businesses have started becoming more sophisticated with social media and are starting to leverage more online platforms. Social media has become a very important medium for companies to market their products and services. In most cases, podcast testimonials and reviews have a very powerful effect on potential buyers' decision making.

To decide which particular methods to use when breaking into social media, you first have to be aware of what tools or methods exist. You have to analyze the effectiveness of your campaign on the target audience and how they interact with your messaging.


Each social platform has an ecosystem, and unwritten rules, all of its own. What might be acceptable on one network might be considered spam on another. A specific style of writing might spread on Twitter but fail on Facebook.

Building a community around your product/service is only the first part of social marketing. Using that community to drive revenue or further your marketing (via word-of-mouth) is the true power of social media.

The Bottom Line

Engaging in social media is no longer an option. Understanding that each site is different and then customizing your messages ensures that your campaign does well across social networks.

We can help kick-start your social media campaign by setting up your profiles, establishing guidelines for use, customizing your messaging and monitoring your presence across all networks.

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